2021 Conference Program

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Friday, October 29th

Opening Remarks: 9:30 AM

Session I: 10AM

Elvira Basevich, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, “The Shared Experience of Oppression”

Session II: 11 AM

Corbin Convington, Northwestern University, “Black Utopias, Speculative Fiction, and Aesthetic Liberation: Where Blackness Goes to Die”

Session III: 2 PM

Nathifa Greene, Gettysburg College, “Mill After the Jamaica Committee: Rethinking the Malleability of Character and the Rule of Law as Indirect ‘Define and Rule’ Colonialism”

Session IV: 3pm

Ernesto Rosen Velásquez, University of Dayton, “Anzaldua as a Colonial Subject”

Memorial Session for Charles Mills: 5pm

Devonya Havis, University of Buffalo; Linda Martin Alcoff, CUNY/Hunter College; Larry Blum, University of Massachusetts Boston; José Jorge Mendoza, University of Washington

Saturday, October 30th

Session V: 10 AM

Miguel Gualdrón Ramírez, University of North Texas, “Fundamentals of Anti-Blackness in Latin American Thought”

Session VI: 11 AM

Michael Eng, Appalachian University, “The Chronopolitics of Race and the University in Time of Ecological Crisis”

Session VII: 2 PM

Grant Silva, Marquette University, “The Race-Class Strategy and a Less Racist Future?”

Roundtable on the Status of Race in Philosophy: 3 PM

Alia Al-Saji, McGill University; George Fourlas, Hampshire College; Janine Jonas, University of North Carolina, Greensboro; Eddy Souffrant, University of North Carolina Charlotte; Yolonda Wilson, St. Louis University