Faculty (open rank) / Tenure-track Position

Wabash College, Philosophy Department

Application Deadline: 1 November 2022

The Wabash College Philosophy Department invites applications for a tenure-track appointment as Byron K. Trippet Assistant Professor of Philosophy. We seek to recruit a teacher-scholar who teaches and researches in an area of philosophy that has been underrepresented and that addresses the concerns of historically marginalized populations; for example, American philosophy, broadly construed, philosophy of race, decolonial philosophy, Indigenous philosophy, or Africana philosophy including the African diaspora. The new hire will also teach ethics and all-college courses. The teaching load is 3-3. Our small pluralist department works actively with many campus programs including gender studies, Black Studies, PPE (Philosophy, Politics, and Economics), Global Health, Hispanic Studies, neuroscience, and more. See the full posting here.

Post Doc – Slavery and Colonialism Affects the (Religious) Identity Formations of Descendants of Enslaved People.

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Submission Date: Please Contact Ganzevoort, R.R. (RR) for more information.

Slavery and law – Strengthening the existing collaboration with regard to the history and impact of slavery, in line with major social questions in which alumni, students and staff of the SSH faculties of the VU play a visible and high-profile role, from the Mapping Slavery project that has developed into a public-historical format to inform about the visible traces of the slavery past, to informing city authorities, cultural institutions and companies / banks about this history. The research into slavery and law is deeply related to migration law, family law, integration processes, diversity and inclusion. The staff who will be deployed extra for this will work concretely on inventories and make case law available with regard to all possible aspects of slavery; In addition, a second track will be explored with regard to the churches’ share in the slavery system and their dealings with the slavery past. A third project investigates how the past of slavery and colonialism affects the (religious) identity formation of descendants of enslaved people. These projects are in the pipeline, led by staff members at Law, FGW and FRT. The postdocs will be able to accelerate this and realize a link to education.”

The project we are now discussing is: A third project investigates how the past of slavery and colonialism affects the (religious) identity formation of descendants of enslaved people. This links directly to our cooperation with Queen’s Theological Foundation and especially the work on Black Theology and the PhD-students enrolled at our Faculty through Queen’s (supervised by Robert Beckford). It also links to our research team Decolonising Diversity as well as our program for pastors of migrant churches. The precise content of the project is open for discussion within these (broad) parameters.